About CPT

Owner, Frank Cahall grew up in a family of mechanics and car enthusiasts, which led to his passion for fast cars and drag racing.  Throughout his life, he was surrounded by many people who knew everything about cars, except for one important element...

automatic transmissions.  

In 1989, he decided he wanted to learn what was so mysterious about them.  He started as a novice at a local shop in Newark, DE.  During his seven years there, he accumulated a vast knowledge of racing and performance transmissions. The shop was one that worked closely with the aftermarket and did a great deal of research and development.  Frank worked his way up as a builder until he eventually began training new employees how to build transmissions.

     Those years were also spent building a 12 second street/strip/show '77 Camaro.  While the knowledge he gathered at the shop was great, the paychecks were not.  In 1996, he moved to a new shop where the money was better, but he lost touch the performance and racing end of it.  The new shop was more focused on daily driver transmissions. While Frank was the lead General Motors transmissions builder there, his knowledge branched out to include many more domestic and foreign units.  

In 1998, Frank purchased a '93 Z28.  In his quest to make the car quicker, he frequented many of the Camaro/Firebird forums.  While on them, he noticed many people bad-mouthing the 700/4L60E transmission.  So many wanted to call them "junk".  However, he knew their capabilities were being overlooked based on what he had built them to handle in the past.  Now he had a chance to prove it.  A fellow forum member broke the 4L60E in his high 11 second, nitroused '97 Firebird.  Frank built the trans for him as a 'side job' and by the end of the season, the Firebird had dropped to an 11.0 and was yanking the front wheels 8"!  By 2002, Frank had also gotten his bolt-on '93 Z28 running in the 12s with only a trans build, Protorque converter, 4.10 gears and a tune.  He was invited to GMHTP magazine's "Bolt-On Shootout" held at Englishtown Raceway Park and came home 9th quickest in the field.

Word spread quickly about that certain wheel yanking Firebird and Frank's phone started ringing.  It was obvious that racers needed his knowledge and builds, so in 2004 a shop was rented in Elkton, MD and CPT was formed.  Soon he was swamped with work and things were going great.  CPT had gained a reputation as the 'go to' place for 4L60Es and transmissions started being shipped all over the country.  In 2006, CPT expanded to a new location in Newark, DE.

But then, the wheels fell off.....

Frank suffered a back injury, so work was halted at CPT.  The next year was a struggle until he was forced to quit working all together.  The back injury along with some other major health issues put him out of the game until 2012.

Frank had now recovered and was facing a big decision...

Go back to the 40 hour/week job working for someone else?


Bring CPT back and work for himself?

The decision was obvious, restore CPT to its former glory and we're back and stronger than ever!