Payment Policy

All prices are based on customer supplied cores.  
If available, a core can be supplied for an extra cost.  The cost of a core varies with transmission type.

Prices do not include "HARD PARTS".  Hard parts are parts not normally replaced in a rebuild, such as a pump, drum, or planetary.  Not all transmissions will require hard parts.  CPT does have a $300 "ceiling" on hard parts, which means that $300 is the most extra they could cost.  The ceiling covers all parts except the case.


CPT requires a 50% down payment for any transmission build (Ultra Pro Race builds require 75% down payment), 

plus the total for any options and torque converter.  
For an example of 50% down, if you want a $1500 "Pro Race" 4L60E, a $700 converter and a $500 billet output shaft, 

the down payment would be $750 + $700 + $500 = $1950.

Down payments and payments for balance due when job is completed must be made by certified check, cash (in person), PayPal or credit card (for an additional 3% to cover fees).  
We do not accept personal checks.

Please contact us to make arrangements.