CPT is able to ship  transmissions nationwide.  We use UPS Freight for shipments in and out.   We recommend that you contact us first and we can arrange shipping to  us, using our UPS Freight account.  This will save you a substantial  amount of money.  UPS Freight will need to pick up and drop off at a  business address. The following instructions need to be followed to  build a shipping container.  Not following these instructions will lead  to additional freight charges.  CPT will not accept responsibility for  any transmissions sent via any carrier other than UPS Freight, nor will  we accept responsibility for any transmission damaged due to improper  shipping.

Information you will need for shipping paperwork: 
The package weight is 150# when packaged as directed. 
The box dimensions are 36" x 17" x 20" when using our shipping guidelines.

If a core is purchased and CPT is responsible for supplying the shipping container, A $50 "packaging" fee will be added.

Transmission Shipping Crate Instructions* Items Needed:

45 gallon Steriite container with wheels (Available at most Walmarts or Target locations)


11/32" plywood, big enough to cut a 15 1/2" x 28" rectangle


1" x 3" board long enough to cut (2) 15" pieces and (2) 11 1/4" pieces


(18) 2" long wood screws


(4) screw in eye hooks


Heavy rope (Length depends on how much you decide to tie it down)


*These were written for the 700r4 and 4L60e.

For other transmissions, you will need to take measurements prior to building the supports.

Duct Tape, used to seal the top on the container when you are ready to ship

Now, let's put it together!


Cut plywood to 15 1/2" x 28", so it will fit into the bottom of your container.


Screw 1" x 3" together to form a box that fits snug to pan. I use (3) screws per joint.


This should now make a box around the tranny pan. 

Screw box to plywood, from the bottom. 3 1/2" from the front, and 1 3/8" from each side.


Use a piece of scrap 2" x 4" (approximately 7 1/2" long) to make block for eye hooks.


Screw eye hooks in horizontally at the front (3 1/2" end).  Screw to plywood from the bottom.

Use another scrap piece of 2" x 4" to make rear block.


Screw eye hooks in vertically.  Screw to plywood from the bottom.

This is what it should look like in the box.


Notice that none of the transmission is pushing against the plastic container at any point.

Almost done!

Now all you need to do is secure the top of the container and 

make sure it is sealed with duct tape.

 Please contact us prior to shipping.

We'll make all the arrangements with UPS freight and provide you with shipping paperwork.