All  CPT complete transmission rebuilds are covered by a 1 year warranty.   As you will note, CPT offers several build options for each  transmission.  CPT cannot be held responsible if a customer chooses a  build that does not fit their particular needs and intended use.  If for  any reason, parts damage occurs in a lower priced build that is offered  as an upgrade in a more expensive build, that part will be replaced  under warranty once.  At that time it will be suggested that we upgrade  the part (s) in question to prevent a future failure.  As an example… If  you purchase a “Race” build for your 4L60E and you put it in a 10  second Impala and it breaks an output shaft.  You, the customer will  have the option to upgrade to a “Pro Race” build with a hardened output  shaft at that time, with a charge of the difference in build prices.  

CPT warranty does not cover fluid, removal/re-installation, towing, or shipping.

CPT warranty does not cover intentional misuse.  Yes, we build them to be raced, but we can’t build them idiot proof.

CPT  warranty does not cover damage that results from torque converter  failure or inefficiency, unless a Protorque converter is supplied by  us.  Warranty will be void if any used converter is installed with a  rebuilt CPT transmission.

CPT warranty does not cover damage as a result of leaks.

CPT warranty does not cover damage caused by mis-installation.

CPT  warranty does not cover damage that results from inefficient cooling.   All coolers MUST be flushed when transmission is installed.

CPT warranty does not cover damage that results from external electrical issues.

CPT warranty is void if transmission is tampered with, modified or disassembled after purchase, unless authorized by CPT.

CPT is not responsible for any injury to person or damage to vehicle that may occur as a result of transmission failure.

***CPT  FRESHEN UP SERVICE…  After initial 1 year warranty expires, CPT offers a  unique “freshen up” service.  For the following 2 years, CPT will do  any repairs or upgrades for a cost of $250 plus parts.  This helps the  customer who may have only purchased a “Race” build, but is adding more  power a couple years later, and wants to upgrade to a “Pro Race” build,  or the customer who may have the engine out and just wants their  transmission checked out.